Thursday, October 13, 2005

Not Jack's Stunning Reversal

I heard some news today that ought to make the Albo people rejoice - seems everyone's internal polling shows Albo up by a minimum of 4 points over Werkheiser. From what I'm told, Werkheiser's problem is the turnout factor. Right now, modeling is predicting that turnout will be very low, which will likely favor Republicans, incumbents and those who otherwise have a loyal following. Albo is a Republican, an incumbent, and has a loyal following that has not abandoned him - as evidenced by the huge fundraiser he had last night in Tysons Corner. From what I hear, it was a Republican sweep, with everyone there from Tom Davis to George Allen to my own namesake.

I figure maybe I'll admit I'm wrong early on so the Blogosphere will go easy on me. I am now predicting Albo will win 53-47.

Maybe the Blogosphere will go easy on me for being wrong since I admitted my mistake early.

Yeah, right.

Hello? Is This Thing On?

Sorry for my little hiatus....screwed up my password and had to get to the reclusive Rozie to get me back in....updates to follow.


Friday, October 07, 2005

Sue me baby, sue me!

Looks like the angry little man is at it again. This time he has filed a FEDERAL lawsuit against the REAL Larry Sabato.

As he continues his march to the sea scorched earth campaign, Potts shows that all cares about is getting his way. He knew the rules. He knew them from the beginning. He also knew the unwritten rules of politics. When you abandon your party, they will abandon you. No amount of kitchen utensil choir chanting will change that.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Careening Craddock

I have to give Not Larry Sabato props for unearthing the official (or unofficial) Chris Craddock slam site.

Since I mauled Greg Werkheiser for it, Craddock's tickets are not going to get by this salty old blogger either.

Looks like Craddock has racked up 6 tickets in 5 separate instances since 2001. Not the stellar record of Mr. Werkheiser, which reportedly includes 11 tickets, but still very damning.

What I find especially interesting is the fact that Mr. Craddock could not seem to get his vehicle registration in order for a very long time (3 tickets in 6 months) and that he failed to appear for traffic court on two separate occasions (he was convicted in absentia). I might be a stickler, but I think the guy who is elected to represent the people ought to at least have enough respect for the law to show up or pay his ticket on time. That even goes for parking tickets.